Underbar Blender Station

Underbar Blender Station

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Royal 1800 Series Underbar Blender Station


Royal 1800 Series Underbar Blender Station, with dump sink, 14"W x 24"D (to match speedrail depth), 6-1/2"H backsplash, 7" deep sink bowl, 4" O.C splash mount Royal Series faucet with swing spout, 9"D..


Standard 1800 Series


Standard 1800 Series, Underbar Blender/Dump Sink Station, freestanding, 12"W x 22-1/2"D (to match speedrail depth), 3-1/2"H backsplash, 12" wide x 10" front-to-back x 7" deep sink bowl with 1-1/2" dra..


Underbar Blender Station


Underbar Blender Station, freestanding with dump sink, 18"W x 24"D, 8"H backsplash, 6" deep sink bowl, deck mount faucet with gooseneck spout on right (low lead compliant), lift-out plastic perforated..

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