An insight on the Supply Chain Today

Supply chain and labor have been a hot topic in the equipment industry for quite some time. Right now everyone is trying to play catch up with such high demands for equipment and labor. Food Service Equipment manufacturers are working to get their operations back to normal as they are facing shipping delays, supply shortages, and international tariffs.


Good companies build a plan to mitigate the risks, but great companies avoid the problem and grow from it. Great supply chains can reinvent themselves and recreate their identity. Disruptions, as undesired as they might be, are the norm in supply chains. The innovation comes from turning such disruptions into one’s advantage”  Supply Chain Resiliency – A Critical Lesson From Covid-19.” Forbes, Cyrus Hadavi 

As things begin to fall into place in the foreseeable future we will begin to see an improvement in production time for equipment. But for now, we must stay patient and open with communication to the end-user on current lead times as the industry attempts to make strides towards improvement

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