New ASTM Safety Requirements for High Chairs

All foodservice operators’ high chairs must be compliant with ASTM safety standards by June 19, 2019.

Safe Seat in the House

by June 19, 2019

A Visual Guide to the New

ASTM Safety Guidelines for High Chair Design

Federally Mandated Changes to High Chair Designs

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued new ASTM F404-18 safety standards for high chairs, which go into effect for foodservice operators June 19, 2019. All manufacturers in the USA must comply with the changes.

Foodservice operators may continue to use existing high chairs purchased prior to the June 19, 2019 implementation date. However, should a high chair related accident unfortunately occur on-site, operators clearly elevate their business risk from both a litigation and social media standpoint by using high chairs that do not meet safety standard.

IRD/G.E.T. recommends refreshing your high chair inventory to be in compliance with the ASTM F404-18 safety standard.

G.E.T.’s High Chairs are Updated and Certified

 G.E.T. secured certification from SGS, a CPSC-approved testing laboratory, ensuring the new high chair design is 100% in compliance. Operators who purchase G.E.T. high chairs can rest assured their guests’ children are seated in the safest possible manner.

What’s Changing?

Design changes include improvements to overall high chair stability, hardware and child restraint systems. Full details are highlighted further down in this brochure.

Availability Timing

G.E.T. will stop shipping the older model high chair on June 10, 2019. From that date forward, the older model will no longer be available for purchase. In addition, G.E.T. will not accept any returns of the older models after May 13, 2019, so it’s important to pre-plan for the changeover.

Pricing & Warranty

Due to the substantial increase in engineering and materials to ensure compliance with the new standard, G.E.T. has had to implement a price increase. Each newly designed high chair includes a one-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

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